12daysofriding: Four

Today I headed for one of my all-time favorite rides here in the Bay Area; China Camp, in Marin County. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the last time I rode there. More than a few years to be sure. I’ve been missing the Pugsley, so that was also the first time I’ve ridden the Pugs there. It’s also the first time I’ve ridden so much technical rock on the Pugs; there’s definitely a learning curve as compared to my experience on this trail with a FS bike.

at the top of the switchback

I was sucking air here, so it was convenient to pull out the camera and take a picture. I still had to go uphill from here with a lot of rock sections before I hit some downhill. Here’s a shot of the Richmond Bridge; you can see the SF skyline way in the back.

SF Bay Area

Most of the trail is on the shady side of the mountain. Something you appreciate in the summer months.

the trail