Field Trip

Visited Muir beach and Stinson beach yesterday. I’ve never been to the look out before. Interesting to see WWII bunkers.

Muir Lookout
Muir Lookout

Muir tree

looking  back at San Francisco
looking back at San Francisco

A beautiful day!

peace, ks




Today my daughter will reach her destination.



She has been on the road solo, via her bike, since Jan. 8. She has weathered mountains, deserts, freezing temperatures, and high winds. I am sure she will return a different person……….

peace, ks


My daughter rode, solo, from San Diego (she began in Santa Cruz, read the previous post) to Phoenix, and is staying a week with relatives. I am so proud of her.


She’s now hopped a train to skip some repetitive desert scenes to land in Texas to continue her two-wheeled journey east. Last we talked she thought she’d go all the way to Florida!