I’ve been waiting………to be done painting, packing…………I’ve been waiting to move until we did. First to my loft until the new place was completed; we were at the loft just shy of 3 months. I got a little bike riding in with the Pugsley on trails of the East Bay. But I was still waiting……..waiting for the second move, waiting for some recovery.

We had 2 dogs and my cat in the loft. Our other cat was on loan until we got to the new place. We lost my sweet, 18 year old cat to cancer while we were there.  I’m waiting for the that hole to fill. Finally to the new place, and then it was unpacking. All the bikes but the Pugsley were in a pod with most of what we all owned. Now it was time to unload, unpack, dust off and finds new places for our old stuff. We’re still waiting for that to be completed, and I’m still waiting for total recovery.

This move took a lot out of me. More than I anticipated and way more than I expected. Though I’m not fully recovered I’m finally feeling more like myself. Settled in more at the new place, new routines being established; where to shop, finding new restaurants, route to work, and where to ride. Which brings up some of the wonderful things about our new place; the things which are contributing to recovery. The San Francisco Bay Trail is about 50 yds. out the front door. Not to mention it is directly next to the Bay, so the Bay is 51 yds. out the front door.

91c99c2e1c7511e29df522000a1f9061_5                                                     Here’s a morning shot last Fall.

And I’m riding more and have started commuting to work. A five mile bike ride to public transit, then a 1/2 hour ride to work and the reverse in the afternoon. Ten miles isn’t much but it’s a start after being so depleted and not having the motivation to even sit on a saddle. Eventually I’ll ride all the way home after work to build my mileage. I’m hoping to do some events this year, maybe try a Populaire, maybe the Katy Trail.

There’s nothing much better to get the motivational juices going than getting a new bike. The last 2 years I’ve enjoyed building my own (Pugsley and Vaya), and last week I cleaned the stable out by selling my road bike (Lemond). Gasp! No road bike? How am I going to ride all that long distance? It’s all under control with the order of a a new Rivendell Sam Hillborne; a beautifully painted, lugged frame set, and I’m waiting for the build to be completed. If anyone knows anything about the Rivendell philosophy, one major mantra is COMFORT. So, goodbye to the racing geometry of the Lemond, and hello to long, sweet distances and some commuting with my Hillborne. Pictures surely to come, but you can check out the Rivendell website if you can’t wait. (:

I’m happy to be back in touch and a I’ve lost a lot of followers, but I never stopped following those of you on my Blogroll. I’m sorry to see the absences of some I’ve enjoyed in the past and wish them the best. I’m hoping for continued motivation to continue my blog and my riding. Here’s a shot at the end of the day at HOME.