I know I’ve been absent here the last couple of months. Not much riding, a lot of working, and many obligations. There’s been a few important events which I have photographed, but not even time to edit my pictures, or write a post. Most sadly has been the passing of my sweet, little, rescue dog, Jack, just this past Tues. My heart is broken; I miss him so much.


On a lighter note, I’m off to Ireland early tomorrow morning. I’ll be on vacation for 2 weeks traveling via train and bus through the south of the Emerald Isle. No bikes (bummer, I was out-voted), but lots of hiking and walking, and loads of photos. I’m taking 2 cameras, my iPad, and all the gizmos to record my adventures. Maybe I’ll get a few posts up while I’m gone. UPDATE: gizmo I bought to transfer photos, sd card to iPad is not working. Grrrr

peace, ks