I’ve been pretty grumpy the last few days. I made it through Thanksgiving, which was an OK day.  Generally, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. No religious overtones; lots of good food and good company. You can probably tell from my post I was moody. I actually went out for a ride on Thanksgiving and one mile out discovered a hole (though small) in my new pair of cycling shorts. I turned around and went straight home and never got out again. Boy, imagine what would happen is it was a big hole!

Today K and I got out for a gravel ride. Just cruising, lots of stops, and took some pictures today. First, after about a mile we had to stop here for Shot Blocks.

Neither one of us had much to eat all day and it was already after 1PM.  Here I am fooling around waiting for K to come back out of the store.

It’s about 2 miles until we hit the dirt, and we finally got there. There were a fair amount of walkers and other bikers out; which I was not in the mood for.  Luckily we were faster than all of them and were able to duck the walkers hitting a small segment of singletrack that paralleled the major trail.

We came upon a woman on the trail and as I approached, yelled nicely, “On your left.” I kept yelling as I got closer and closer and then realized (as I had to totally stop and unclip) she couldn’t hear me because she had headphones on. I really needed a ride with no other people around. We got further out in the wetlands and then the ducks cracked me up. They were having a grand ‘ol time playing in the water as the tide was coming in.

Anyways, I definitely felt better after my ride, and the Vaya is a joy. So comfortable and responsive.  During the work week I get home just as it’s getting dark. Me and the dog went out last Wed. in the dark.  We both enjoyed it; no people and no leash.


A Winter’s Meal

Had a hard day of work yesterday. As I finished it began to rain and continued through the night. I could ride…….but I’m feeling more like sitting by a fire with a good book, and a warming drink. Mind you, it’s not that cold, but I did notice a drop of about 10 degrees in the the morning when I leave for work this past week. Winter solstice is still over a month away, but I’m figuring the rains are about to begin.

Today’s the change back to “standard time.” It’ll be getting dark early now. The Vaya build is basically complete. I just have to wrap the handlebars. I’ll get pictures soon. But here, for your enjoyment (and mine later) is a wonderful vegetable curry stew I’ve prepared for our meal tonight. Served over rice after about 4 hrs. of cooking with homemade raita, and a good beer.