Sunday Snapshots

I didn’t get a Friday Photo; so here ‘ya go with a couple pics from my ride today. I have to be honest, before last weekend I was unable to ride for a month because of an injury. So, I’m happy to say I went for more miles this weekend than the last, most off-road, 4 or so on the tarmac to get to the trails. Out on the Pugs again; Vaya just needs the steer tube cut and then I’ll wrap the handlebars and it’ll be good to go. Pics soon (I hope).

                                                                                 lots of white pelicans
                                                                          a trail through the wetlands

The above trail circles out and around the small airport in Palo Alto. This is a new section of trail for me. Another part I’m scouting for the development of a gravel race here in the Bay Area. Keep checking in if you’re interested in visiting California and riding a beautiful route around the southern portion of the bay.


Sunday’s Ride

Doing reconnaissance for a gravel grinder race I’m thinking of  creating here in the Bay Area. We took a ride this afternoon; it was pretty easy. Really nice weather here; they say +15˚ above normal. My Vaya’s not done yet so I took off on the Pugs. Here’s an egret in the creek.

 We took a rest stop, not because we were tired, we just wanted to delay the return to civilization. Here’s K checking out the creek and the Pugs takin’ a rest.

It’s Not Just Marketing

Two packages in the mail today. I received a chain, derailleur cables, tires, WTB sealant, seat, and pedals. Whoo hoo! Now I can really get moving on my build. I think the only major part I’m missing are the Apex shifters (due Thurs.). Also, since I have the tires mounted on my rims, I can begin adjusting the height of the stem and get the steerer tube cut.

Did you miss the part where I said I had the tires mounted? And they’re holding air. I ordered the new WTB Speed TCS Cross Country wheels which claim to be able to easily mount tubeless tires without an air compressor. Like I said, it’s not just marketing! I seated my first, ever tubeless tire in seconds (and the special sauce is in there too). Here it is…………..

A little bit of beginner’s luck as the second tire took a little more futzing, but as promised, I only used a floor pump. I’ve never used tubeless before and I’m really excited.

4 Goats Found

Visited my daughter today in Santa Cruz. It’s always good to see her.  A parent can’t ask for more than their child to be happy and satisfied at what they’re doing and where they are. We are both blessed.

We had a great breakfast at our usual place and then visited a farmer’s market where three of my daughter’s housemates where playing in a band; 4 Goats Found.