A Daughter’s Visit

My daughter’s at the house for a couple of days and today we’re hanging out together; we even went shopping! Both being REI gals that’s where we headed.  She got a new lightweight, fleece jacket, a headlamp, and a camera case. I scored a new pair of socks. She’ll be heading back to school soon; can’t believe she’s already a senior in college. Astrophysics no less! I sure do miss her when she goes……….


R&R Day

DummyDiva, the dog and the Pugs took to the beach today. The Pug’s filthy, the dog’s asleep, and I’m having a beer.  😉

Here you can see dog tracks with a beast following close behind.

Taking a rest……….

Looking back at the harbor………..


I’ve been using another blog site for about 6 months now and I just didn’t like it. So here I am back at WordPress with my new blog about my life, adventures and ever present struggle to work less, be outside more, and live a car-lite lifestyle. I hope you continue to follow along.