Play With the 4S

After 2 years with AT&T there was a significant discount on purchasing any new phone I wanted. Since my current phone was 4 years old, I decided to take advantage of all the new technology and get an iPhone 4S. I’ve really been having fun taking pictures; especially since I’ve been super busy and not really able to get out with my DSLR.  With my iPhone, a camera is always available. Here’s a shot on the way to work today.


Loft Living

Moved from the peninsula to the east bay; been here just over a week. I’ve owned my loft for 6 years now and I like it as far as urban living goes. I’ve noticed much more bicycle riding, and the SF Bay Trail is not far from me. The animals are adjusting………. Today’s the first free day I’ve had since June 30. I think I’m going to roam and take some pictures (I’ll get back on a bike soon).

Here’s a few from the last month, taken with my iPhone 4S.