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Definition of Undertime: not having enough personal time to stay sane because you’ve worked too much overtime. I survived 24 additional hours of overtime last week. I took a vacation day yesterday but I was just too tired to take a ride. Plus, I had to spend the day getting my photography assignment submitted. Anyways, I’m hoping for the return of the “normal” work week. I know I have this weekend off and I’m going to a Walker Evans exhibit at Stanford Museum, and looking forward to getting back on the bike. Here’s one of my pictures I submitted this week. Notice anything funny?


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Livestrong Challenge Davis

That time of year again…….that means many more miles on the road as I begin training for the ride in Davis in June.  I’ll be hitting friends up for donations; anyone here who’d like to contribute drop a line, or I’ll have my donors page up soon so one can give directly.

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Last Weak’s Video

A little play on words as I previously wrote about how my legs never woke up on last week’s mtb ride. Filming wasn’t that great either, but here’s a look.


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We Should……..

All stop,



the roses.


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I’ve been called in for overtime this past week and next. Very little pedaling in store for me, even with a three day weekend. Plus, homework I have to somehow create and submit. Here’s this weeks image; playing with exposure compensation.


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The Mind Was Willing

I was really looking forward to today’s ride.  I was planning to head out into some local hills and do more of a traditional mtb ride on the Pugsley. I’d ridden at this preserve one other time several years ago. From the get go, my legs felt pretty useless. I just felt weak and no matter having some warm-up time I never felt any better the whole ride.

Beautiful weather…….and old oak trees.


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Definitely lighter longer. Just a pic from tonight’s ride. Dog’s already in bed.

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