I’ve been in a little funk it seems the last couple of weeks. I’m going to blame it on not enough rain. Good reason as any! I’ve started a new photography class so that’s taking some riding time out of the weekend, but I did get a gravel ride in yesterday on the Pugs, alone along the baylands.

There were too many people out for my taste but it was beautiful. I went out in just a cycling jersey and light jacket (71˚). Oh, I had shorts on too! I wore my new Waltz cap. I got a black, 4 panel wool cap last week. The wool is really soft and you can hand wash it (as opposed to dry clean). Unfortunately I missed their free embroidering by a couple of days, or I’d be sportin’ a DummyDiva cap instead.


All Day Long

Well, this weekend somehow passed me by. I didn’t get a ride in, I really didn’t get much of anything done. But, I almost always get my dog to the park. You just can’t go with her and not smile. It’s her favorite thing; the frisbee. She could do this all day long. Too bad you can’t better see her snatch it out of the air. She’s successful 90% of the time. It’s just a wee film, but I hope it makes you smile too.

Arctic Blast

I guess everyone’s going to have to tolerate lots of pictures/videos from the SF Bay Trail. The dog’s and my weekday night ride is a 5 min. drive from home and offers 6 to 12 mile loops on gravel.  Five min. a little south gets me untold mileage (mostly gravel), as I

could ride all away around the southern tip of the bay and back north along the east shore. Or connect along 3 river routes that takes one south into San Jose. It’s just too convenient; I get away from the city, and out where there’s wildlife.

So yesterday’s ride is again, yes, on the SF Bay Trail heading southeast towards Alviso. I awoke to a 20˚ drop in the temperature in the morning with lots of clouds. They were predicting rain by Wed.; a storm headed south from Alaska. It looked like winter was finally going to arrive.

As mentioned before, this trail sneaks it’s way behind Moffett Field. There’s  hangers here and I’m told Google is going to take one of the big ones over. This field is also famous for it’s hangers for blimps.

This guy was hanging out in the water and started to walk off as I stopped to take some shots. I now know black legs and a yellow beak equals a great egret.

At our turn around point we took a break to watch the shorebirds. They knew a storm was close. They were all nesting facing the wind, and it was picking up quick. Here’s K checking out the birds.

Looking east you’ll find the little town of Alviso, just on the other side of those buildings. All the land here used to be farming and now has been encroached upon by office buildings and housing.

As we were sitting there the wind continued to increase, and from being a bit sweaty we started to get pretty cold. I had my Buff and pulled it up to cover my ears. If you don’t have a Buff yet, you should check it out. I have two now but the one that’s merino wool is my favorite. It was time to head back.

Here’s my newest video. The Contour is working out great. I’m impressed with the crispness of the video, even with large changes in the lighting. The new RAM attachments also worked well. I took some footage with the camera attached to the seat post and some on the front fork. I used the Contour attachment for handlebar shots.

Night Ride

Got it in my mind pretty early today that I was going to take a ride after work. That means a night ride. It’s good for me and it’s good for my dog. She gets to run free without a leash. It’s already starting to stay light out a little longer. I was worried there would be too many people on the trail, but I think the cold has them staying inside when the sun’s down. Not too many miles and not too fast; for the dog. I can’t quite put my finger on it; why I like these night rides so much. It’s more than, no people, or that it’s quiet. I’ll have to ruminate on it more………Our route on the wetlands. A couple of pics as the sun goes down.










New Year’s Ride

K and I took a great gravel ride New Year’s day and here’s the video I put together from footage of the ride. I’m learning a little bit more each time I work in iMovie. First impressions of iMovie (’08) is that it’s a little cumbersome to work with. I also played a little holding the Contour in my hand, and got some footage below handlebar height both forwards and backwards on the bike. I received new RAM camera attachments from gpscity this last week. They’re really light and I’ll be able to attach the camera to additional places like the fork, seatpost, and chainstays.

This ride is from Mountain View to Alviso on the SF Bay Trail. Not a lot of geographical variety as compared to forests and snow. But it is beautiful. It is away from city life, and there is some wildlife. It’s a section of the Bay Trail which intersects with both the Guadalupe River Trail and Coyote River Trail. The latter I haven’t ridden yet and  it’s up for reconnaissance as are trails at the Coyote Hills Recreation Area. My plan is to put together a gravel loop all around the southern portion of the bay to equal at least a metric century.

It’s Not Spielberg!

I’m pretty excited to have figured out how to get Contour footage into my computer, into iMovie, and compressed properly for upload to Vimeo; where finally I can imbed my wee film here. This was a ride taken last Fri. I learned a whole lot of what didn’t work while attaching the camera to my bike. I’ve since ordered some RAM attachments which I discovered from tscheezy, a cyclist in Alaska who makes incredible biking videos. If you have a chance, definitely check his stuff out.

I hope to get better at this………..

12daysofriding: Seven

A great way to start off the new year; K and I took a really nice gravel ride. LOOK at this weather!


Not a great way to start the year; I got a flat. Then I discovered the CO2 cartridge I had didn’t fit the canister to put air in my tire. I was on the Vaya (yes tubeless). Luckily we’d ridden less than a mile and I was only 5 min. from home where I returned to exchange the Vaya for the Pugsley. I just rode the Vaya Fri. I can’t quite figure out why I flated (special sauce in there too).

I took both my camera and the Contour, but I didn’t feel like doing a lot of stopping and filming and changing attachments. I did a little filming from my handlebar and held the Contour in my hand. I’ve figured out how to get the files into iMovie, so maybe I’ll get to editing the stuff I’ve recorded. Unfortunately, you have to run the .mov files through another compression before iMovie sees them.  A pain, but a solution for now. I also discovered a new operating system is less than $100 and then they let you download iMovie ’11 for about $15. So now I need to decide if I want to go the new OS route, or just find another editing application. There’s always going out and buying a new computer too! That’s the extravagant solution, but my computer is beginning it’s 5th year of use and I’m working more and more with photographic media. I may discover when I start editing I don’t even have enough memory on my computer.

We stopped about midway for a little snack and to watch the birds. A great place for all kinds of shorebirds. Then I was fooling around with my camera……..

There were more people out on the trail today. Probably because of the beautiful weather and it being the weekend.

On another note, I’ve read a few blogs where the author has reviewed their past year; clever and fun to read. I’ve never been much for resolutions; certainly not proclaiming them to the world. But I am

thinking of this last year and I may do a write-up. Don’t hold your breath as I may skip the whole idea and move right along to editing and publishing some of the video footage I’ve got.