Between The Drops

We planned for a road ride today but it was still wet in the morning, so we headed out for 12 miles of mud gravel hoping we’d miss the next storm. No water, but whoa! We forgot about the wind. We re-grouped at about 6 miles and decided we’d cut our ride short a little in distance (but not effort).

Yesterday’s storm…..



Ok, portfolio submitted, final exam completed, and “reflection statement” written.  Not sure if I’ll get on the bike today; rain is sideways. Here’s a few images from my portfolio.

Stanford University
Richard Serra “Sequence”
Memorial Church, Stanford
A big wheel

I’m Here

I’m here, it’s just that a few things have gotten in the way of my blogging life. I had to work overtime last weekend and Mon. night, and it’s been raining straight since Tues.  In addition,  it’s the final week of my photography class and my portfolio was due last night and I have to take the final tomorrow. Supposedly it’s going to rain all weekend, but it’s been 2 weeks since I’ve been on the bike. I’m definitely going out at least one of the days. Here’s a shot sitting in my work van at the site; it’s “break time.”

Local Loop

A wee ride today. This is a local loop near home which is mostly gravel and flat. Part of it is what the dog and I do for our weekday night time ride.

Not too many people out; that’s nice. A few other cyclists. Of course lots of birds and groundhogs today. Guess they were sunning themselves. It was quite beautiful after two days of rain.

It was a really low tide today.  Here’s a shot of the Dumbarton Bridge which heads over to the east side of the bay. The lower bridge is for trains.

Can’t be having pictures of the Bay Area without some art.