12daysofriding: Six

I did get out for a short ride yesterday. Not for too long; mostly playing with my new Contour Roam.

I spent the morning setting up the camera, figuring out mounts and the Gorilla Pod. Then once out on the trail, you discover how the places you mounted your camera don’t work. I got a good section of video with the camera attached to my helmet and the handlebar, but need to figure better ways for rear shots attached to the bike.

Even more frustrating is the .mov files from the  Contour do not directly import into iMovie. I’ve read a lot about these problems and it may be the’08 version. Unfortunately, you can’t just upgrade without buying a whole set of applications, which I believe aren’t compatible with my operating system (4 yr. old computer). More frustration. So now I’m investigating other video editing apps which may work with my computer. Triple frustrating because the documentation by Apple for iMovie says it’s compatible with H.264; which the Roam is.

I also took a few photos while out on my ride. These turned out really nice I think.

All were taken at the same spot where I turned around and headed a back home.


12daysofriding: Four

Today I headed for one of my all-time favorite rides here in the Bay Area; China Camp, in Marin County. To tell you the truth, I can’t remember the last time I rode there. More than a few years to be sure. I’ve been missing the Pugsley, so that was also the first time I’ve ridden the Pugs there. It’s also the first time I’ve ridden so much technical rock on the Pugs; there’s definitely a learning curve as compared to my experience on this trail with a FS bike.

at the top of the switchback

I was sucking air here, so it was convenient to pull out the camera and take a picture. I still had to go uphill from here with a lot of rock sections before I hit some downhill. Here’s a shot of the Richmond Bridge; you can see the SF skyline way in the back.

SF Bay Area

Most of the trail is on the shady side of the mountain. Something you appreciate in the summer months.

the trail

12daysofriding: Two

Ok, you’ve probably noticed I’m already 2 days behind. So, maybe I should change the name to 10daysofriding. I seriously underestimated all the things to do in preparation for family, and I really wanted to spend time with my daughter while she was here (movies, hockey game). Now my daughter’s gone, the house is clean, the big meal eaten, and for the next 8 days I can organize and choose the rides I’d like to take.

Today (12/25) I did get a short ride in with the family. Here are a few of us.

Pictured is my singlespeed, which after KE rode, she has decided to buy. I’m so glad it’s going to her. Built and painted by me, with great components. An older aluminum Trek converted about a year ago, with almost all new parts.

Out on my Vaya; I love this bike, but I have been missing the Pugs and plan to take a mtb ride soon. I have kept up with 12daysoffrisbee though.

12daysofriding: One

Finally, vacation is here! This morning was a  beautiful, sunny day; about 34˚. There’s lots planned for the next 3 days……..cleaning, shopping, daughter coming home from school, another Sharks game Fri. night, and a great family meal planned for Sunday.  Oh, and Frisbee time with the dog.

Today’s ride is nothing new or spectacular, other than the joy of being outside and on my bike.

                                                                  near the start

Today was an afternoon ride, part of the trail the dog and I cover when we take a night ride. I’m recovering from a cold, and it was windy and cold when I hit the dirt. I didn’t have great legs, but I got out for a little spin; first day of the challenge, done.

                                                                        low tide