Nice Little Loop

I planned a 15 mile ride this morning; wanted it to be nice and easy. I didn’t map it out and played it by ear. I rode through Richmond, El Cerrito, Berkeley and Albany. It came out to only 14 miles but tomorrow’s our 45 miler, so it was ok. I started on the San Francisco Bay Trail, cut up and over Highway 80 via that cool Berkeley Bridge, rode through the shops of 4th street and headed for the Ohlone Parkway. I had a really nice ride. It was cooler than I expected; probably could have afforded another layer. It was really nice riding in the sun when it finally came out. As mentioned, tomorrow’s a 45 mile training day, but no mountains. I planned a route mostly along the San Francisco Bay Trail with a few miles inland through Oakland and Berkeley. Here’s today’s route:

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 12.25.55 PM