The First Time

I fell upon Mad Alchemy, a company in Colorado that specializes in natural creams, lotions and embrocations. I was intrigued by the embrocations because in my morning commutes (it’s very early, cold, and dark) my legs were feeling quite heavy the entire ride to BART. I thought I’d try an embrocation to see if it helped.

Anyways, I ordered the Russian Tea Warming Embrocation and I like it quite a lot. Not too hot. The only trick is, since I wear knickers, is getting the embrocation rubbed into your thighs without getting any on your chamois. Easy to rub down your calves, just pull the lower parts of your knickers up. Mad Alchemy has lots of other products; check them out.

I know there’s gads of chamois creams for men, and over the years I’ve seen maybe one other for women but I can’t even remember the manufacturer’s name. I’ve never used a chamois cream but there’s been rides where I wished I had. So when I saw the cream specifically for women, I ordered that too. It’s called LaFemme Chamois Cream. I used it for the first time in yesterday’s 60k and I really liked it. Most (maybe all) of their products are natural and some even vegan.