My daughter rode, solo, from San Diego (she began in Santa Cruz, read the previous post) to Phoenix, and is staying a week with relatives. I am so proud of her.


She’s now hopped a train to skip some repetitive desert scenes to land in Texas to continue her two-wheeled journey east. Last we talked she thought she’d go all the way to Florida!



My daughter left on a bike tour Jan. 8. She’s still on the road heading east from San Diego, after riding all along the California coast from Santa Cruz to San Diego. Here’s a photo of the terrain she crossed today. My new hero…….


peace, ks

Coffee Club

MG of Chasing Mailboxes DC (originator of coffeeneuring) and her fellow drinkers cyclists are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary of their Friday Coffee Club.  Pondero  also has many a glorious photograph of his locales enjoying a “cuppa” from his bike. I would love to do this but I work every Friday, and need to be at the office by 7 AM.  I also live in California which necessitates me starting  a club here. I could start the Sat. Coffee Club?   MG, this is for you…….

peace, KS

New Year’s (eve) Ride

There’s a place in Walnut Creek I’ve been trying to get out to ride for a while now; Shell Ridge.

photo 2

I made inquiries on the RBW forum for directions and also looked at the map offered by the the park and on Google maps. I had an idea of how to drive there and combined with directions given to me from RBW headquarters, I went there today to “investigate.” Found a trail head right across from a parking lot near John Muir Hospital (on LaViaCasa Rd.), hopped on my bike and started pedaling. I maybe rode 1/3 of a mile before I encountered serious hike-a-bike.

photo 3

I continued on pushing, down a little, up a lot. The trail was on the top of a ridge and as I came around a corner, I saw another trailhead with parking, and what appeared to be rideable acreage, at least 1/2 mile away (very downhill, no trail), as the crow flies. That’s where I wanted to be.

Back down I rode walked to the car, loaded up again and vowed to find that road that dead ended at the trailhead I’d seen from above. And I did.

photo 1

Didn’t get much of a ride in as far as distance, but now I know where to go and I’m looking forward to heading out there again soon to really check out the trails.

photo 4

I’m still confused by the directions I received because La Casa Via was the street everyone told me I”d find a trailhead, but I never did. Or at least the right one, anyway.

peace, ks

Bye Bye Storey

Woke early, hopped in a rental truck and drove from the east bay to Santa Cruz to help my daughter with the last of her belongings as she returns, part time, to our loft in Oakland. Here’s my daughter’s college home the last two years.


The past two weekends we’ve been painting the loft, and now all is ready to return furniture to their places. After unloading the truck, and bidding adieu to my daughter’s friends (she gave four of them rides to the east bay, backpacks and all) we set about organizing. We returned the truck (ugh, they tried to charge me an extra 50 miles), and grabbed a quick lunch while we perused her set of new maps from the Adventure Cycling Assn.  She’s off on her first road tour in a couple of months.


With the goal of decreasing her travel costs for her tour, (originally she wanted to build a bike) she’s decided to use one of my bikes, the Salsa Vaya. An excellent choice, and though I’d had the wheels set up for gravel, off-road tubeless, she’s switching over to a thinner road tire; Continental Tour Ride Schwalbe Marathon.


She only has to order a few things with regard to the bike; a rack (she’s decided to use panniers), a couple bottle cages, and bottles. The bike’s set up with a compact double, perfectly geared for a couple of pretty good passes she’ll encounter on her route. I also have a various assortment of bike bags; a top tube bag and mtn. feed bag from Revelate Designs, and a Mission Control bag from Porcelin Rocket. She can choose whatever combination she wants.

I’ve done a couple really long tours in my day, but the longest was a 28 day adventure from Vancouver to Prince Rupert (via Prince George) all through British Columbia. I’m trying to impart as much wisdom as I can.

Back To Bear Creek

What a weird morning it was. I’ve been trying to get over to San Francisco to begin a ride over the Golden Gate Bridge to Fairfax and back. It was planned 2 Sun.’s ago, and I woke up not wanting to drive to ride my bike. I still went for a 25 mile ride, but just started out of my garage. OK, so this Sun. (the one that just passed), I set the alarm for 6:30 AM, and proclaimed we were leaving at 7:30 for the bridge. Well we didn’t get out by 7:30, but we did get to San Francisco. We pulled off 101 North, the last exit before crossing the bridge looking for a parking lot I’d heard about somewhere on Lincoln, near Storey. As we exited the highway we were met by a line of red cones and police officers blocking our desired route and told all the roads were closed nearby due to the Nike Marathon. We headed back to 101 south and pulled off on a side street to figure out what we were going to do.

Well, let’s go over the bridge and start our ride from somewhere over there. Then I realized I’d forgotten the cue sheet for the ride. Now what? I suggested we head back across the Bay Bridge and go ride around San Pablo Dam, a 25 mile ride beginning and ending in Orinda. Ok off we set. If you know anything about the micro-climates in the Bay Area, you know a change of 10˚is nothing simply by changing which side of the Berkeley hills you’re on. Anyways, kind of a late start by the time we got there and hotter than we’d planned for; off we went.

We hadn’t done this ride since before the Tierra Bella, way back in March. Funny how you forget how hard certain climbs can be. We knew the first ascent up Bear Creek Rd. was tough, but it seemed harder than ever. I’ve set my GPS to show the gradient, so I was surprised when sections were reading 9%. That first climb is about 2.5 miles. There are other steep sections but shorter, so Bear Creek always seems to be the section one has to get through. I don’t know if it was the heat or not eating enough food, but by the time we hit the last 9 miles, my legs were mush. Actually, I think the last time I wrote about this ride I said the same thing!

To complete my fifth coffeneuring ride, we completed the day with a tea cooler. Yes, from another Peets!

Peet's Coffee Orinda, CA
Peet’s Coffee Orinda, CA

Not anyone I know, just random people.

peace, ks