No More Trouble

Hope for the new year………


Coffee Club

MG of Chasing Mailboxes DC (originator of coffeeneuring) and her fellow drinkers cyclists are celebrating their 2nd year anniversary of their Friday Coffee Club.  Pondero  also has many a glorious photograph of his locales enjoying a “cuppa” from his bike. I would love to do this but I work every Friday, and need to be at the office by 7 AM.  I also live in California which necessitates me starting  a club here. I could start the Sat. Coffee Club?   MG, this is for you…….

peace, KS


So far I’ve had an excellent Thanksgiving break. Four days off work, my daughter and I working on the loft, then a super duper Thanksgiving dinner with family (one pictured above in the header). Tonight’s my birthday celebration; dinner at one of my all time favorite restaurants, again with family. Oh yea, and a couple of bike rides in there somewhere.

My daughter continues to teach me a lot. Some of the values she actually lives and just doesn’t talk about are featured in the below video. Both my daughter’s ideas and the video contain the idea of beausage, a concept (lifestyle?) introduced by Grant Petersen.

Buy less and use it longer. And…….. ride more. My Thanksgiving resolution.

peace, ks