Tag Your It

Been busy examining, commiting and executing the plans for the next several years vacation time. Here it is, a rig to get to the places I want to go; road or no road with my bikes, dogs, and partner.

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 7.59.08 AM

And my new Jeep to get me there. Sitting in the lot just before it’s to be detailed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 4.29.22 PM


We brought the teardrop home yesterday and have our first shakedown trip next Saturday. We’re going to a local lake just for the night. Fortunately swimming and hiking are in the plans for Sunday morning. We have reservations for local weekend trips already organized and we’ll be packing bikes for most of them. Still in the works, 3 weeks of vacation, for longer, bigger, further away excursions. Here’s some possible locations: Olympic National Park, Yellowstone, and the Grand Tetons. The requirements are always, bikes and dogs allowed.

peace, ks


3 thoughts on “Tag Your It

  1. LOVING it!!! I really likes the JK’s,when my old XJ (’98 Cherokee Sport) wears out and I make a project out of it,I’ll be looking into a 2 door JK Wrangler myself,nice score! 😀

    I really digs those tear drop TT’s too (travel trailer 😉 ),we actually looked into buying one earlier this year (as that’s about as much as her car will tow,so both vehicles could tow it,not just mine),but we really had to go a different route because we have 2 kids (12 and 17 now) and 2 dogs to take with us,so we wound up buying a new Jayco Jayflight 20’er that has (barely :p ) room for us all (the kids have tiny bunk beds,a table/makes/full size bed for us,and doggy beds in the floor at night). It has zero offroad capability-which would have been really nice-but it’s well within my old Jeeps towing ability (2,700lbs empty,5,000lb tow capacity,so even considering payload/gear,it’s fine),and being realistic…our offroad-camping/overlanding/expedition running is generally just my son and I,we carry a quality tent (Kelty Trail Ridge 3,plenty of room but still light enough that I occasionally use it for gravel bike tours),but I’m making some plans for a drawer/storage system for the XJ’s hatch area which will also allow us to sleep inside if well organized within the drawer system I’ll be building.

    Anyways,LOL,major congrats on your new ride/TT,very nice indeed,I love em both 😀 Here’s a pic of mine (Jeep)/ours (camper) in case you missed the post several months ago 🙂

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