Winter in March

Seems a long time ago, but we had a wet March and  coupled with buying a Concept2 indoor rowing machine, I haven’t been on my bike much since. I love my rowing machine. It’s quite a different workout than a long training ride. In fact, right now, training rides are the farthest from my mind. I’m rowing 3 days a week and on a 24 week workout plan which indoor rowers are familiar with (Pete Plan). I am looking forward to alternating rowing/commuting to work but I have to get over a stretch of overtime the next week or so.



I’m actually on vacation this week and we just returned from camping in the Sierra foothills, our campsite on the edge of the south fork of the Yuba River. No bikes, no hiking, just playing in the water with the dogs (which the little one hates), investigating the locals, and sitting around campfires enjoying coffee and reading a book.


2 person, 2 dog tent
2 person, 2 dog tent


Morning mist………..

Yuba River
Yuba River

4 thoughts on “Winter in March

  1. I’ve been considering getting a Concept 2 for a while now. Have been sidelined from biking since Oct due to issues with sciatic nerve (we think). I’ll have to find one locally to try out. I’m interested in knowing which model you purchased and your thoughts. Feel free to e-mail me if you like.

    David Person

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