Gone Upright

My Sam Hillborne is a year old this month. I haven’t ridden another bike since I brought her home. I had Rivendell build up my Sam with moustache bars, which when compared to drops was immediately comfortable. I’d never used bar end shifters before, and they were OK, but it wasn’t like I couldn’t live without them. Ascetically, I really liked this look.

January 12, 2014_untitled_0496

So now it’s like I’m going feral compared to my riding partner who has continued with a racing bike and drops. Yesterday I removed the moustache bars and added an Albatross bar with thumbies and cork grips. I love the thumbies. Much more natural for me. I’m really excited about adding the Newbaums tape (and twine); I really like this color. I first saw the color on Pondero’s bike. Not in person, but he’s got a wonderful header shot in his blog of his bike.

IRD shifters
IRD shifters
my bell
my bell

Switching bars necessitated also changing the stem and brake levers. These are Shimano mtb brake levers. I had a new box of Gore RideOn derailleur cables laying around, and I used them with the new IRD SOS Silver shifters. That’s a Nitto stem.

new shifters and brake levers
new shifters and brake levers

Just did a litlte spin today; about 15 miles. Shifting was crisp, and the brakes are much better than with the Shimano road levers that were on the moustache bar. Don’t know if you can see my new pedals in this shot, but I’ve gotten rid of clipless and now have VP platform pedals. Paired with my Five Ten Freeriders, my feet aren’t going anywhere!

Nitto Mark's rack
Nitto Mark’s rack

Also in this shot you can see the rack. I switched from the Carradice SQR system when I got a bigger saddlebag; the Nelson Longflap. This rack is for sidepull brakes and is perfect in supporting the saddlebag, especially when it’s full for a day’s commute; no fender rub.

peace, KS


7 thoughts on “Gone Upright

  1. I’m looking into the Mark’s rack as a support for my Nelson Longflap on my Soma Wolverine. Do you have any pics of the bag on the bike with the Mark’s rack supporting it? Curious if the bag sits fairly upright, as it would with the Bagman. Thanks!

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