New Year’s (eve) Ride

There’s a place in Walnut Creek I’ve been trying to get out to ride for a while now; Shell Ridge.

photo 2

I made inquiries on the RBW forum for directions and also looked at the map offered by the the park and on Google maps. I had an idea of how to drive there and combined with directions given to me from RBW headquarters, I went there today to “investigate.” Found a trail head right across from a parking lot near John Muir Hospital (on LaViaCasa Rd.), hopped on my bike and started pedaling. I maybe rode 1/3 of a mile before I encountered serious hike-a-bike.

photo 3

I continued on pushing, down a little, up a lot. The trail was on the top of a ridge and as I came around a corner, I saw another trailhead with parking, and what appeared to be rideable acreage, at least 1/2 mile away (very downhill, no trail), as the crow flies. That’s where I wanted to be.

Back down I rode walked to the car, loaded up again and vowed to find that road that dead ended at the trailhead I’d seen from above. And I did.

photo 1

Didn’t get much of a ride in as far as distance, but now I know where to go and I’m looking forward to heading out there again soon to really check out the trails.

photo 4

I’m still confused by the directions I received because La Casa Via was the street everyone told me I”d find a trailhead, but I never did. Or at least the right one, anyway.

peace, ks


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