Solstice Singing

We celebrated the Winter Solstice in San Francisco last night. We had a wonderful middle eastern dinner in Pacific Heights with friends followed by a performance by Kitka. They’ve been around quite awhile and have reached international recognition. A group of 6 women with incredible voices; they sang  acapella, holiday and solstice arrangements from all over eastern Europe.


It was interesting to walk the streets of The City during the holidays with all the lights. Lots of people out and about. I lived in this neighborhood many years ago, and spent two years gallivanting as a young, single woman. I had a good two years living in The City, and then moved to the East Bay where I’ve been since (other than some time on the Peninsula some where in there).

So I survived the longest night of the year, and now, the cycle wends it’s way around the circle as we head back to the light. Happy holidays to all.

peace, ks


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