Bye Bye Storey

Woke early, hopped in a rental truck and drove from the east bay to Santa Cruz to help my daughter with the last of her belongings as she returns, part time, to our loft in Oakland. Here’s my daughter’s college home the last two years.


The past two weekends we’ve been painting the loft, and now all is ready to return furniture to their places. After unloading the truck, and bidding adieu to my daughter’s friends (she gave four of them rides to the east bay, backpacks and all) we set about organizing. We returned the truck (ugh, they tried to charge me an extra 50 miles), and grabbed a quick lunch while we perused her set of new maps from the Adventure Cycling Assn.  She’s off on her first road tour in a couple of months.


With the goal of decreasing her travel costs for her tour, (originally she wanted to build a bike) she’s decided to use one of my bikes, the Salsa Vaya. An excellent choice, and though I’d had the wheels set up for gravel, off-road tubeless, she’s switching over to a thinner road tire; Continental Tour Ride Schwalbe Marathon.


She only has to order a few things with regard to the bike; a rack (she’s decided to use panniers), a couple bottle cages, and bottles. The bike’s set up with a compact double, perfectly geared for a couple of pretty good passes she’ll encounter on her route. I also have a various assortment of bike bags; a top tube bag and mtn. feed bag from Revelate Designs, and a Mission Control bag from Porcelin Rocket. She can choose whatever combination she wants.

I’ve done a couple really long tours in my day, but the longest was a 28 day adventure from Vancouver to Prince Rupert (via Prince George) all through British Columbia. I’m trying to impart as much wisdom as I can.


3 thoughts on “Bye Bye Storey

    1. I’ll tell her, and I’ve been encouraging her to take advantage of contacts as she travels east. She doesn’t have to camp EVERY night! I think she’s stopping in New Orleans, but if she gets to the east coast, I’ll give her your address. (-:

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