New Bridge (not Newbridge)

The new east bay span of the Bay Bridge in the San Francisco Bay Area has been opened since the beginning of Sept.  Apparently there was quite the fanfare while I was in Ireland. I’ve heard good things about the bridge, best is the fact there is now a bike/pedestrian pathway from the east bay to Treasure Island. The bad news, no access to the island until the summer of 2015. The old bridge is still there and demolition needs to occur on parts before the bike/pedestrian portion can be completed. Here’s a photo  of the new bridge at the terminus of the path.


Today’s ride was from Marina Bay to the end of the new pedestrian/bike path; almost 26 miles out and back. Here’s another view where we stopped to eat sandwiches showing new and old with Yerba Buena Island in the background.


old bridge, set for demolition
old bridge, slated for demolition

I also completed the 4th day of coffeeneuring. Only 3 more trips required. Unfortunately the coffee shop we stopped at was in a really cruddy shopping mall, a Starbucks in Emeryville. I promise my remaining coffeeneuring stops will be in much more pleasant environs.

A picture of my riding buddy taking a picture and a view of the path on the east side of the bridge!


peace, ks


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