Easin’ Back In

The Coffeeneuring Challenge allows me to ease back in to riding after being off the bike for about a month. I went out last weekend once; I felt terrible. I tried to remember I had my “walking” legs primed from vacation in Ireland, but I wanted my “cycling” legs back soon. Anyways, the challenge makes for an easy 2 days of riding on the weekend. My regular riding partner is off at a workshop, so I suppose we’ll be back next weekend with another longer ride.

Even though the challenge only requires a 2 mile jaunt, I did 15 today and forced myself up one of  the the steeper neighborhood streets in Berkeley, Marin Ave.  Not the upper portion near Grizzly Peak where my car barely makes it up, but a lower portion that does have a section of 9% grade, but mostly averages about 5%.

I started out in pretty cool weather, not too much wind, but I did wear a light jacket. Mostly on the SF Bay Trail, over the hill near Golden Gate Fields, and crossed Hwy 80 on the Berkeley bike/pedestrian bridge as I wound my way over to 4th St. This area has become pretty “yuppified,” even touristy. I use to live a few blocks away in the late 90’s; the neighborhood really started to change a few years before we moved away. But. for coffeeneuring it can’t be beat, I know of at least 3 coffee stops within a few hundred feet of each other. So, I suspect even though I’m not crazy about the area, I’ll use it a couple more times if I’m passing through.

Bette's To Go
Bette’s To Go

I stopped at Bette’s To Go, right next to the regular restaurant. They have great food, but the wait is intolerably long. Got out earlier today without breakfast, so I ordered a toasted baguette with butter and jam and a cup of tea. Lots going on, too much really.  Three different people knocked my bike over and didn’t even stop to pick it up. Sam was chained to a street light; the block had no bike racks.


Oh well, in the spirit of coffeeneuring I’ll probably be in this neighborhood again.

peace, ks


3 thoughts on “Easin’ Back In

  1. Nice to read about another coffeeneurer in the locality. I plan to head out to the Bay Trail and the Seabreeze Cafe one of these weekends. So far, I have limited my coffee rides to Oakland, with a ride out to the new east span last weekend (coffee at Farley’s East on Grand Ave) and one through the port this weekend.(coffee at 10th and Wood in west Oakland).

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting. Where’s the Seabreeze Cafe? I usually start out in Berkeley and have exhausted known cafés on my regular route. I’ll have to expand northward!

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