Today is the beginning of the Coffeeneuring Challenge sponsored by Chasing Mailboxes DC.  I had a bit of a longer ride planned for the day, but it’s windy, warm and dry. Only 16% humidity;  the area is covered with fire warnings.  I hope everyone in the Bay Area and surroundings is careful. I got so hot I had to stop for a cold drink; an iced berry, pomegranite tea cooler. First time I’ve tried one of those. Tasty! I probably could accomplish all 7 rides required for the challenge by hitting 7 different Peet’s.


Went out on the Hillborne today. Actually I haven’t ridden any of my other bikes since I brought her home. And yesterday I listed my Salsa Vaya for sale to finance the changes for the Dummy. If anyone’s interested in the Vaya, email me: kls01@me.com       I was siting enjoying my iced beverage when I saw a fellow cyclist pull up and lock up his bike. Funny because I noticed the moustache bars on his bike; they’re not that common. He came up to me inquiring if the Hillborne was mine. He hadn’t been able to find bar end shifters for his bars. That’s easy, contact Rivendell.

peace, ks


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