Castles and Cathedrals

My travels were filled with cathedrals and castles. How they built these structures remains a mystery to me. Every town I visited had at least one castle and many church/cathedrals. Here’s a few…….

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle

inside St. Patrick's

inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral 

A complicated history of religion, politics, oppression, and revolution in Ireland when one brings up matters of the spirit. I was a bit confused regarding all the cathedrals. St. Patrick’s is actually Anglican, not Catholic, a part of the Church of Ireland. Unusual to have two cathedrals so close to each other; Christ Church Cathedral (below) just a few blocks walk from St. Patrick’s. The story goes that St. Patrick’s was built outside the city walls so as to avoid “rules of the church.”

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral

We attended a service in Christ Church one evening, called Evensong. The entire service sung by the cathedral’s choir. It was incredibly beautiful.

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle

A huge castle in, you guessed it, Kilkenny! Owned by the Butler family for centuries, when the Republic of Ireland was established the family deserted the castle. Left vacant and falling into disrepair it was finally sold to a historic organization for the sum of 50£.

Black Abbey, Kilkenny

Black Abbey, Kilkenny

Black Abbey, so called because of the color of the robes the monks wore.

Ross Castle

Ross Castle

We spent an afternoon hiking in Killarney National Park. After about 2 miles of countryside the end of the path led to this, Ross Castle, sitting on the edge of Killarney Lake.

downtown Cobh&Colman Cathedral

downtown Cobh & Colman Cathedral

Cobh (pronounced “cove”) was a short 20 min. train ride from Cork. A small town of somewhat historical significance. Besides being the last stop for the Titanic before it headed across the Atlantic, Cobh also was the major location for the Irish to leave Ireland during the potato famine in the 1800’s.

Rose Window, Colman Cathedral

Rose Window, Colman Cathedral

More later…….

peace, ks



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4 responses to “Castles and Cathedrals

  1. The few old cathedrals I’ve visited always evoked and interesting feeling within me…sort of a deep appreciation for the immense history within the walls.

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