New Gear!

I’ve had my Carradice Barley for about 4 months and had it attached via a SQR rack, quick release. I loved both. But……. I was also carrying a messenger bag while commuting by bike, and it was just too much. So I decided to get all that stuff off my back and got a Carradice Nelson Longflap.

Nelson Longflap
Nelson Longflap

In addition, I was having saddle issues and tried a Rivet Pearl saddle. It was better than my old saddle (WTB Deva), but I was still having problems. I went to Rivendell to try out a Brooks and fell in love;  I bought a honey B17 on the spot.

I knew there was the possibility the Longflap may hit the fender, and sure enough even while on the SQR rack, it would have put pressure on my fender. Now that my Brooks had saddle loops I no longer needed the SQR, I could attach the Nelson to the saddle. But now I had to figure out how to support the Nelson. I also didn’t have enough room between the loops and the fender to use a Bagman. Enter the Nitto Mark’s rack, made for bikes with sidepull brakes. You can install the rack on either the front or back of the bike, and installed in the rear it’s a perfect solution to support my big, new saddlebag.


I’m totally excited. Can’t wait to ride tomorrow. And I already sold the SQR, which brings up the fact that the Carradice Barley bag is for sale. If you’re interested, leave a comment. They list for $109 at Wallbike; I’m asking $90. It’s in perfect condition, only 4 months old, green with honey straps.  SOLD!

*no pic of the Brooks, figured you all know what that looks like


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