Up Tunnel

I’ve been on vacation for a week now. It’s so wonderful being able to plan a bunch of different rides. I have until Mon. to ride when and where I want and then I’m off to Tahoe for a few day of camping and hiking. Today I decided to go up Tunnel Rd., something that I have not attempted since last Feb. I did ride up Tunnel Rd. then, but it wasn’t easy. I believe last time I had to stop to rest and had a short patch of walking. Today I experienced neither of those events; no walking, no resting, straight to the top! Not only that, but last time I had to use my lowest gear all the way and today I only used it a couple of short periods. It’s so great to feel the difference in your efforts when you’ve been working hard.

Here’s the route; not a long ride today, 18 miles.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.38.31 PM


The goal today was hills.

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 3.39.01 PMI literally have not ridden this whole route in 20 years. The road seemed to be a little more tore up than I remember. Sure was glad I was on those 32 mm Gran Bois’. And, of course, I don’t remember as much of it being uphill once on Grizzly Peak. Being a weekday there was not horrible traffic and most cars were very curteous and passed with plenty of room. Here’s looking east from Grizzly Peak.



Looking out over the bay.




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