Rivet Saddles

2nd UPDATE: More comfortable than my old saddle, but still having issues. Tried and bought a Brooks B17; heaven.

UPDATE: just completed a little 15 mile route with the new saddle. So far so good. I expected to be a little sore from the long ride Sun., but didn’t feel those sore spots on the Rivet.

I read a nice review of Rivet Saddles on “LovelyBicycle” blog less than a week ago, and since I’m having some saddle issues decided to post a query about these saddles on the SF Randonneur forum. I received glorius testimonials and an offer from the owner of Rivet Cycleworks, Deb Banks, to send me a saddle to try out. What great service! I received the saddle in a few days (with a pair of free socks) and today I’m slated to install it. This is the Pearl model in burgundy; it also comes in black, natural and white. I’ll keep you posted, though it’ll take a few hundred miles to break in.



3 thoughts on “Rivet Saddles

      1. Probly just needs well broken in. I’ve always admired these style of saddle (Brooks comes to mind as well,at least to my mind),never had the pleasure of owning one….yet šŸ˜‰ LOL,I usually skimp on saddles (and skimp hard…),buying whatever is in the clearance bin for >$10,LOL! My latest bike buy though,oddly enough a budget bikesdirect.com 29″er SS came with a “really nice” WTB Rocket V saddle,the nicest I’ve owned in a few years…fits my bum so well on my often sub-15 mile trail rides it has me rethinking the $5-bin seat on my most often/longest rides ridden CXer,LOL! Maybe this year I’ll invest in something a bit nicer šŸ˜‰

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