Musings: My First RUSA Event

RUSA• Is it bad luck general protocol to wash your bike before a big ride?
• Nutrition will stay as is. I don’t do well with whole foods and in fact, rarely feel hungry when I exercise for long bouts. I’ve been using Hammer products for a few years now; Perpeteum for my food, Endurolyte Fizz for electrolyte replacement and a variety of supplements I take every hour. I’m using a 70 oz. bladder and 2 water bottles; one for water and a multi-hour bottle of Perpeteum. I might take some raisin/nut mixture for variety.
• I will have to stop for a water refill (I consume 24 oz./ hr.). Do people plan this ahead of time with regard to, say, filling up at a control even though your not on empty?
• I have tools (tire irons, tube,multi-tool, pump) I carry every day but usually don’t take a chain tool. This chain has maybe 500 miles. Take a chain tool? Any other “must-haves?”
• I’m carrying my Permanent card separately with a paperclip to hold receipts. I’m also putting it in a plastic bag, and then in my saddlebag with a pen.
• My kit: I’ve grown accustomed to wearing knee warmers with shorts. Never too cold here this time of year so I’ll take a vest (probably will reside in the saddlebag all day) and wear a wind shell. There may be fog in the AM, but most likely warm, even hot. 80° projected for Sun. Already have sunscreen packed.

K and I are doing this Permanent together. Yesterday we talked strategy. Time to arrive (8:30 start time). Check. Getting proof of passages. Check. Stopping only at controls except for 1hr. supplements (very short stop) or, you know, Mother Nature. Check. Interestingly, we’ve ridden at least half of this route before as parts of other day rides. That’s helpful in the navigation aspect, as in, not getting lost. Even though this is not a race, I feel a little nervous. This will be the longest distance I’ve ridden in the last couple of years. Did you know musings means meditation? Here’s mine.

“Fear to a great extent is born of a story we tell ourselves, and so I chose to tell myself a different story……. I decided I was safe, I was strong, I was brave.” -Cheryl Strayed, Wild


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