Almost Twice

I had all intentions of getting out on my ride early today, but didn’t. I finally managed to leave the warm, sunny deck, and cozy coffee and get dressed for an easy 15 miles. I’d planned on repeating the nice little loop I did last Sat. Well, it was 11:30, the trail was crowded and the wind was already up. When you ride the SF Bay Trail at this time of day you have to be prepared for others.

At about 2 miles into the the ride a father with 2 children on bikes were up ahead. As usual I slowed and moved to the left, and called out. I moved as far to the left as I could as I was almost taken out by a child on a bike earlier in the week. But…….. just as I almost squeaked by, the little boy darted right in front of me. I swerved, having to go off the trail and expertly (haha) negotiate the dirt, rocks and brush without hitting him! I crashed last Sun., so I really didn’t want to go down again.

It took me a few miles to let go of the incident, and after stopping for some pictures I’d left it all behind me. Here’s the sentry to the cool Berkeley bridge I’ve been using to get over Highway 80, sentry

and the bridge itself. Bbridge

I was actually looking forward to getting onto the city streets with a bike lane; there was just too much traffic on the trail. Crazy huh?

A few more miles and I was on the Ohlone Greenway (hardly crowded at all) which took me to the street which would again deliver me to the Bay Trail. Now that it was lunchtime there seemed to be fewer people and on a major section of the wetlands I stopped for some more pictures.



Can’t resist one of the Sam:



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