Twenty To Go

Yesterday we did 45 miles, essentially flat and mostly along the SF Bay Trail. Pretty much uneventful; other than my crash. I was riding parallel to the curb/gutter. They’d just resurfaced this street but did not make the asphalt even with the concrete. Their work created a lip of concrete that apparently was like a magnet for my front wheel. I guess the closest comparison would be riding parallel to train tracks and your tire getting stuck in the space of the track; your bike goes one way and you the other. Luckily no serious injury.

This is the last big week of mileage with 50 on Sunday, then the following week we’ll be tapering before the Permanent May 19. I was going to do a pretty hard ride as far as elevation on Sunday but we decided since the Permanent is virtually flat we wouldn’t punish ourselves. I have a partner to train and ride with, but after the Permanent I think I’ll be on my own again as I try to prepare for a Populaire the end of June. I’m still not sure I’ll be ready for it. Not too worried about the distance, more worried about the mountains. So after May 19, I’ll probably do some shorter, hillier rides to try to get ready. Pretty excited as I go on vacation for the second half of May. I’m hoping to do some new rides in the area.

Here’s yesterday’s route, an out and back:

Screen Shot 2013-04-28 at 4.17.31 PM


8 thoughts on “Twenty To Go

    1. Great! 15 miles for my commute tomorrow; 4-1/2 to the train in the A.M. then I get off about 11 miles from home in the afternoon and ride home. Going to be in the 80’s F°.

  1. Glad to hear your training is coming along. I know the feeling about the mountains. On both of my long tours they were my nemeses!
    I just realized you’re near one of my favorite bike shops. Cycle Monkey in El Cerrito is who built my Rohloff for me. Neil is a great guy to know.


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