The Lost Ride

A week ago Sunday we rode the Tierra Bella and we didn’t skip a beat as we planned a 40 mile training ride yesterday. We’re getting ready for a 105k Permanent in May, so we continue upping the mileage and the amount of climbing. We were well prepared for a hot day, with both water and nutrition while on the bike. However, as I swung my leg over the saddle I noted NO gps on my handlebar. I’d left it at home! Though I knew the route by heart (getting lost was not a worry), I depend on my Garmin for so much more than just directions. While riding I like to know speed and of course distances as I’m calcuclating upcoming turns. After the ride I’m analyzing moving time, caloric output, and elevation gain. Well, we weren’t going to have any of that, but at least K had a cyclometer; we’d know distance, time, and speed in real time. Then at about 10 miles into the ride, K’s cyclometer just stopped. No data to display for this ride, just experiential memory.
This morning I mapped the route out on the computer and it was closer to 42 miles. We’d planned on a very hard climb at the beginning of Bear Creek Rd. (and it was),

at the top of the hill
at the top of the hill

but it’d been many years since I’d ridden this route, and I couldn’t really remember how difficult the hills would be. Honestly, it was a hard day in the saddle. Mapmyride says only a little over 2000 ft. of climbing, but I don’t know how accurate their tools really are.

looking back down the trail
looking back down the trail

We did finish our ride, though at times I felt like I was barely limping home.

Screen Shot 2013-04-22 at 11.56.41 AM


2 thoughts on “The Lost Ride

  1. Some rides….defy the data on difficulty,sounds like a grand time,my friend,EVERYday in the saddle is better than the days not 😉

    The DC

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