Road To Off-Road

If you’ve read some older posts you may remember I sold my Lemond last January. This was the only bike I had with road pedals. All of my other bikes have mtb pedals, specifically Crankbrothers. Both my Pugsley and my Vaya have Eggbeaters, and my Big Dummy has Candy.

Crankbrothers Candy
Crankbrothers Candy

Having road and mtb pedals necessitates two different types of shoes and cleats. My road shoes happen to be Sidi’s; which I love, and for summer riding weather are wonderful. When I got my Sam Hillborne I knew I wanted to use Crank Brothers pedals, not only because I like them but also my winter, wet, cold weather shoes had these types of cleats. I stole the Candy from my Dummy and put them on the Hillborne (now my Dummy’s shoeless) and rode this winter with both my Lake winter cycling boots and my Pearl Izumi Alps.

Now it’s warmer riding again and I want to wear my Sidi. What to do? Enter Crankbrothers again with their Quattro 3-hole cleat. This little gizmo allows you to convert a 3-hole cycling shoe (road) to a mtb shoe. Voila, I now can wear all of my shoes on all my bikes. So the Sidi’s are getting the call for this Sat.’s 60k. Interesting how the weather has jumped 20 degrees in the last couple of days; looks like it’s time for summer weather riding kit.

Quattro 3-hole Adapter
Quattro 3-hole Adapter

3 thoughts on “Road To Off-Road

      1. Yes and no…I got back on the bike the last week of March,then had been doing well on the 30 Days of Biking thing since the first,but the last several days everyone here’s been very flu-like sick,last 2 days I rode was with a high fever…missed yesterday and today,LOL!

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