Update To The Update

First ride on the GB Cypress was fantastic. Okay, maybe it’s all in my head, but whenever I stopped pedaling it seemed as if  my momentum  lasted longer. The general ride feels a little “livelier.” Bumps felt a little squishier (is that a word?); as in not as harsh. I started with 60 psi, and I think I’ll increase to 65 psi just to see if I feel a difference (70 psi is the listed max). I didn’t end up commuting to work but having a lovely ride with my daughter in the afternoon. She’s home for the weekend; we’re celebrating after a long 4-1/2 years completing her double major in physics and math at UCSC. Usually when she’s home it’s sitting in the living room with papers full of equations spread all over. This time she brought her bike instead.

GB Cypress
GB Cypress

5 thoughts on “Update To The Update

  1. Squishier is indeed a word (at least in my vocabulary 🙂 ),and much congrads to your daughter,awesome job! 😀

    The DC

    1. Hi Doug! Going for a 20 miler tomorrow at 65 psi. I will probably leave them on for the 60k next weekend and all through summer’s training. I love them. Give ’em a try.

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