Beating The Drops

Yesterday we put in 30 miles along the Iron Horse Regional Trail. It’s so much more relaxing when you know where your’re going, as we rode this trail last weekend. We knew right where to park and unload, and we knew the trail. Rain was forecast all weekend and it was raining when I took the dogs out early in the morning. I had just received my new Showers Pass jacket and was sure today was the day I would be able to test it out. By the time I loaded the bike there were lots of clouds but the sun was out too. It didn’t matter, I was going to ride no matter what.

When I got to the trail it had stopped raining completely and started to dry out; but lots of dark, threatening clouds. However, it wasn’t cold. I didn’t even wear a base layer; I had a long sleeve, winter jersey and a wind vest (my jacket was in the Barley in case I needed it). We had a nice, uneventful ride and while driving home the heavens let loose.

Reading some of my favorite cycling blogs across the country, many are commenting how winter is still here. Some are having dustings of snow and others still commuting in the rain. We just had 3 days of rain and more is forecast at the end of the week. If Spring has sprung, the groundhog forgot to send Mother Nature the memo.

Here’s a shot to remind us Spring is on the way!



2 thoughts on “Beating The Drops

  1. Here I am looking forward to winter. It is beautiful time of year in Brisbane Queensland. Storm season is just about over. Love those flower what type are they?

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