Spring Sale

Now that Spring has arrived, the winter apparel is beginning to go on sale. I scored a new rain jacket, a Showers Pass Touring jacket. I received it earlier this week just in time for three more days of forecasted rain. I wore it Wed. morning on my commute; no rain but it was dark and cold. I was totally comfortable and I attribute being warm but not soaking all my layers underneath to the excellent underarm vents.

touring-yellow_0Plus it’s yellow which obviously increases my visibility. My older jacket it all charcoal, you could even say black. Not great visibility. It doesn’t roll up really small like some of the wind breakers, but it was too warm (though is dropped 20˚ by the end of my ride and I should have put it on) to wear it on the ride home and I was able to fold it in a manner to fit under the flap of my Barley bag. I’m thinking of getting some of the really small bungee cords and attaching it to the outside of the Barley in case I need the room inside the bag.

The jacket has changed names, it’s now called the Transit, but all the features are the same. It also comes in other colors, blue and black, maybe red too. A two-way  zipper, a front pocket at the chest (perfect for the garage door opener), and velcro adjustments at the wrist. Another feature I really like is that it’s cut loose, one could say it runs a little large, but great for layering clothes.

So, I’ll get another chance to use it this weekend; it’s suppose to rain Sat. and Sun.


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