So, when I commute by bike to work, I ride about 4.5 miles each way with a BART ride in between. As my mileage requirement for training increases, I decided today to do the 4.5 miles to BART in the morning and pedal all the way home from work. First off, it dropped about 20˚ (rain is on the way) from the time I started until I got home, and there were really strong headwinds. Though I’ve never really ridden this area, I had no idea most of the route in the direction I was going was also uphill (dang those cars are deceiving). To say the least, I was bushed with a measly 19 miles! Now, I do have to say, I have a physical job; so maybe it takes more of a toll on me than I realized.

I’m trying not to be demoralized about this experience. It’s such a great way to get an increase in mileage. I’ll try it again next week…..

“Good morale in cycling comes from good legs.”   Sean Yates


5 thoughts on “Experiment

  1. Way to experiment with the commute. And regarding your quote, I also think good morale comes from a nice tailwind and a good downhill, too!

  2. I am going to do the same Monday! My wife and I will commute to work together and I am going to bike home! I am waiting for the sun to rise a bit earlier before I bike both ways!

    Good job and dont let it stop you from next time, better weather is coming !

  3. It is amazing when you run or get of a bike just how much more detail you notice. I love and hate riding home from work. Love the ride, hate that I am hungury and can smell the BBQs cooking dinner. But that is what I love about riding home also. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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