Took the plunge: paid my membership for RUSA. This is quite symbolic for me as it’s a step in my commitment in training and eventually participating in a group event. I’m still shooting for a Populaire the end of June. I reviewed a sketch of my training last night and it still looks possible for that date. I’ll be working on tweaking the specifics, and of course, actually doing the miles. Read some articles from John Hughes addressing brevets, nutrition, and the planning for long events. I’m sound on nutrition; I really learned a lot about eating during long distance events and my body when I trained and raced a 100 mile, non-stop kayak race with a 32 hour time limit a couple of years ago. I believe I can carry over that experience while on the bike. I’ve also done a few centuries over the years.

during the race
during the race

I also sent in my membership application to the San Francisco Randonneurs. I hope I can connect with someone from there before the Populaire. There’s lots of local Permanents, so in case I miss the June date I could ride one of those. It’d be great to have some friends to ride with, but apparently they all think I’m crazy! I’m on my own here, but still wishing for a mentor.


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