Friday Bike Ride

It’s rides like today that fuel my fire and create the yearning to get back on my bike. Today I did the route I had planned before I got that cold; a route I did about 21 years ago. It was slightly overcast today; just a thin, wispy cloud cover. At times it felt like the sun was filtering through window shades. I dressed perfectly with a winter jersey and a sleeveless Craft shirt underneath,  and a light windbreaker. A few mistakes today; forgot the phone and one of my bottles of water. Though some of the route was slightly rural I also passed through a couple of towns where I could fill up if need be. Here’s a shot about 3 miles into the ride. Somewhat of a shoulder to ride on. Luckily most people are use to a lot of bikes in the area.

Gloreitta Ave.
Gloreitta Ave.

I extended the route about 4 miles from the one I’d done before and connected up with a trail that was all off road; made for horses, bikes and pedestrians. Being Friday, midday (I took a vacation day today), it wasn’t too crowded. More walkers and runners and just a couple of bikes. It’s really a lovely trail, follows a creek for quite awhile, with lots of trees, flowers and grass.

Lafayette Moraga Trail
Lafayette Moraga Trail

I’m excited to do this route again on Sunday with K. I think she’ll really like it. I know I will. What a great vacation day I’m having!

My Hillborne
My Hillborne

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