Thanks Mr. Presidents

Today’s a holiday for me. I really enjoy 3-day weekends and I have one the first three months of the year. My Jan. holiday I spent visiting with my mom in Camarillo. This holiday I relaxed, celebrated my partner’s birthday and took a couple bike rides.

Yesterday was beautiful; the warmest it’s been in awhile. I intended to ride but didn’t and even took a nap (I rarely nap). I enjoyed the day tremendously, and we capped it off with discovering a new Chinese restaurant with organic beef, chicken and seasonal vegetables. It was delicious.

So, I had to ride today as I’ve decided to try a populaire scheduled the end of this June. That means I want to have more base miles before I really start a training schedule. For part of the training I’ll participate in a couple of orgainized rides, starting with a 37 miler in April, and then a metric century in May. Hopefully I’ll be prepared to do a 115K populaire in late June; my first.

Today’s ride was cold, windy and cloudy. I really wanted to just turn around and go home. Yesterday was in the upper 60’s˚, and today’s ride was 42˚. But I’ve actually registered for the race in April; so being unprepared or having to quit due to improper training is always good motivation for me to first, get out the door, and second to keep going. I rode half the route on the SF Bay Trail. It seems no matter what direction I was going it was a head wind. Here’s a picture from Saturday’s ride, but I passed this area today too. It didn’t look like this though. Off in the distance, you can see the San Francisco skyline.

albanybulbInto about half of my ride, I cut under the highway to try to get out of the wind and rode on city streets. It wasn’t too bad as far as traffic and the buildings blocked some of the wind. I wound my way through Emeryville and Berkeley and connected up again with the trail (at Buchanan) with about 5 miles to home.


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