Meet Sam

I should have had this post completed before I posted the last one, but I wanted to take the time to get some good pictures and I tell you about the wonderful ride I had the first time out with my Sam Hillborne. Now she’s been in my possession for a week and-a-half. I commuted 2 days to work last week (one very foul morning with misty fog blowing horizontal) and took a ride yesterday where I stopped and finally took some pix.


Lucky for me Rivendell is close to where I live so I was able to ride different sizes before I ordered. Some have complained about the “boring” blue (compared to the previous orange and green) frame color, but with the cream accents of the frame, which also highlight the nice lug work, IMHO, it’s quite lovely. If you’re not aware of how Rivendell works I’ll give you the low down. You first buy a frame (steel CroMo) which includes the fork, headset and BB; not cheap but not as expensive as others for a really nice lugged frame with superb paint quality. Definitely less expensive than custom. You can build your frame up yourself, take it to the LBS, or customize all you want and have Rivendell build it for you. Another choice is to have Rivendell build your bike with one of their recommended build kits. I went with a build kit.

  • Nitto moustache bar
  • Nitto stem (1″ threaded quill)
  • bar-end shifters
  • Shimano brake levers
  • Sugino triple crank
  • Shimano XT dérailleurs
  • Tektro side-pull brakes
  • Deore hubs on Velocity rims (36 hole) 650b
  • Continental Tour Ride Tires

I also had them add the fenders, which by the way, match the cream color on the  frame. For whatever reason, the build kit does not include a saddle or pedals. When I got home I added a WTB Deva saddle and Crank Brothers pedals.

shiftersbrakeleversI’m sure you noticed the Carradice bag; a first for me. I must be getting more traditional as I get older. It’s a Barley bag; one of the originals. I obsessed about how to attach it to the saddle. Most modern saddles do not have bag loops. The choices were, adding bag loops, a clamp attached to the saddle rails, the Bagman rack, and the SQR uplift rack. All options are Carradice accessories. I went with the SQR for theses reasons: for both the bag loops and clamp I worried the bag would rest on the fenders. Also they changed the Bagman rack; it’s new evolution has additional struts that attach to the rack mounts of the frame. Though I have no intention of adding a rear rack, I really did not like the looks of the new Bagman. The SQR rack attaches to the seat post and has a quick release mechanism making it easy to take your bag with you if you leave your bike locked somewhere. The quick release was appealing. Most importantly though, was that the rack lifted the bag up and away from both the seat and the fender. In addition, if I ever wanted to get a bigger saddlebag, any model (Carradice) would fit on the uplift rack.

barleySo, that’s my Sam in a nutshell. Tomorrow’s another long ride on the San Francisco Bay Trail which looks a lot like this.



4 thoughts on “Meet Sam

  1. I love the bike. I had been meaning to hop over to your site and have a look sat the Sam Hillborne but I took a nasty fall the other day on my own dream tourer, have been off the bike for nearly two weeks and the thought of looking at a beautiful bike – one actually being ridden and enjoyed! – was too depressing. It has been all I could do to write a few posts on my own blog.

    All that said: I love your bike. Very, very tasteful and classy.

    1. Yes I’ve been following your blog and did read about your crash. Hope you’re continuing to heal. Sorry you haven’t been able to ride. It wasn’t your AHH you crashed with? I read you’re leaving for a month; any biking riding for you over there? Do you do any brevets, etc?

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