I am so glad I waited for nice weather and a non-commute day for my maiden voyage with the Sam (Sam Hillborne).  Though cold for daytime hours in the Bay Area (48˚), both the ride and the weather were glorious. I rode a little more than 17 miles on the San Francisco Bay Trail; a dedicated path for bikes and pedestrians. There’s lots more dirt on the trail on the peninsula and southern portions of the trail than here in the East Bay. Here it was all paved; perfect for a road bike though I’m told the Sam is fine on fire trails too.

The fit is perfect; the seat spot on and handlebars the correct height. I was a little worried at how high the handlebars were set. Generally the top of my drops and seat are level. On the Sam, the top of the moustache bars are higher than my seat but when you’re in the cockpit you realize with the sweep of the bars your hands are almost level with your seat. Also, I really like the varied positions (at least 3) you have with your hands on these bars. I’ve always really liked the “look” of moustache bars since way back on the Bridgestone bikes. Kind of a coincidence Grant Peterson was involved with Bridgestone back then and is also the proprietor of Rivendell (I didn’t know until recently the connection).


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