The Day

I’m so excited I can barely contain myself.  Yesterday I picked up my new road bike; a Sam Hillborne by Rivendell bikes.  I headed out to their headquarters right after work  and was hoping tomorrow the rain would hold off so I could commute with her (Samantha) to work. But, alas, even though she has fenders I’m not at all sure I want to really dirty her up on the first ride. Maybe it’ll be the Vaya’s (Salsa) call.

The Rivendell fits perfectly into my scheme this year to try some longer road rides and be comfortable with it’s relaxed geometry. I’m thinking on  a century or maybe some populaires. So as you’ll see, she’s dressed with some randonneur accessories. A beautiful Carradice Barley bag and bar end shifters on a Nitto Moustache bar. I know drops are more traditional but Samantha’s slated for a commuter/city bike too and comfort is a major goal. I have a WTB saddle with no loops so I have to wait until I can get a saddlebag clamp to attach the Barley, but I have a handlebar bag I can use in the meantime. I’m sure some will ask about not having a Brooks saddle, but until someone can talk me into it’s benefits other than tradition, I’m sticking with a saddle I know works for me. I’m also using clipless pedals, Crank Brothers; I have them on all my bikes.

So without further ado; a teaser………



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