Life Is Crazy!

OK, not sure where to start, other than to say after my vacation (a month ago) I’ve been working some crazy hours. Just about when I thought all was settling down and I could get into my routine again, all h*%l breaks out with buying a new house and moving to the other side of the bay. For those who’ve participated in selling one house and buying another at the same time; it’s crazy! 

Suffice to say, no extracurricular activities (biking) for me for about another month. Before this all happened I did get a ride in at the beach; the Pugsley and my dog. A foggy weekday, and the tide was too high to get much more than a few miles on the sand.


3 thoughts on “Life Is Crazy!

    1. Hi DC. A crazy month of moving from one house and temporarily for a month or so in my loft in another city and finally into the new house due to be done in Oct. hope you’re enjoying the summer.

      1. Wow…sounds like us,LOL! Summer…well,it’s had some enjoable moments anyways 😛

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