There hasn’t been much bike riding for me the last month or so. I’ve gotten out once a week for a road ride.  Half of my weekends have been spent completing assignments for my photography classes.  I’m learning a lot, and I think my skills are improving; I know my knowledge is. Also, I spent one weekend at my mom’s (SoCal) helping her get ready for her big move. Now a bunch of overtime at work is on the books for May and June, and somewhere between that is my 11 day vacation. That’s when I’m hoping to get some more riding in. Looks like I’ll be heading to Tahoe for some camping and mountain biking. Last year this time there was still snow on the ground. Not this year but it’s still pretty cold. I’m going anyways.

Everyone likes pictures……’s an example of my latest work, some shooting I was doing in Oakland. This is the civic center, and my first HDR attempt. Hope you like it.


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