Local Loop

A wee ride today. This is a local loop near home which is mostly gravel and flat. Part of it is what the dog and I do for our weekday night time ride.

Not too many people out; that’s nice. A few other cyclists. Of course lots of birds and groundhogs today. Guess they were sunning themselves. It was quite beautiful after two days of rain.

It was a really low tide today.  Here’s a shot of the Dumbarton Bridge which heads over to the east side of the bay. The lower bridge is for trains.

Can’t be having pictures of the Bay Area without some art.


2 thoughts on “Local Loop

  1. You have a Dumbarton too!, someone from Scotland settled there a long time ago -:)

    We had poles like that on out beaches, but they were to stop the Germans coming by plane for there summer holidays in 1940 -:)

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