Definition of Undertime: not having enough personal time to stay sane because you’ve worked too much overtime. I survived 24 additional hours of overtime last week. I took a vacation day yesterday but I was just too tired to take a ride. Plus, I had to spend the day getting my photography assignment submitted. Anyways, I’m hoping for the return of the “normal” work week. I know I have this weekend off and I’m going to a Walker Evans exhibit at Stanford Museum, and looking forward to getting back on the bike. Here’s one of my pictures I submitted this week. Notice anything funny?


2 thoughts on “Undertime

  1. Ah overtime yes I remember that, here in the UK and being a public sector working all we have is cuts cuts cuts, till as usual come February and March which is the end of the financial year then they want us to work every day to use up the budget they have hogged all year.!!
    Riding a bike keeps me just about sane !

  2. Just take it one day at a time,myfriend,and it might fly by. I remember how fumed I’d get when rolling into CA and the dispatcher would message me we would be gettig produce rather than our normal drop and hook load to return…extra days out…….ugh! LOL! 😛

    Great pic 🙂

    The DC

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