Still in a funk, but I got my sorry a&$ out on the bike yesterday for a short ride. Just local gravel on the baylands. It was beautiful, still, and even though I didn’t even start riding until shortly after 4:30 PM, too many people. I just can’t get myself to drive where I might find more solitude. I didn’t event take my camera(s).

Anyways, keeping the fingers crossed yesterday’s ride will create some momentum and I’ll get out today; longer. Here’s a photo submitted this week in my photography class. The assignment was playing with depth of field. I guess if I’m not riding bikes I can take pictures of them.


2 thoughts on “Funk

    1. I love Surly. Besides the Pugsley I also have a Big Dummy, and I’m thinking of building up a Karate Monkey. I offered to build my daughter a Pacer, she declined. Crazy, huh?

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