I’ve been in a little funk it seems the last couple of weeks. I’m going to blame it on not enough rain. Good reason as any! I’ve started a new photography class so that’s taking some riding time out of the weekend, but I did get a gravel ride in yesterday on the Pugs, alone along the baylands.

There were too many people out for my taste but it was beautiful. I went out in just a cycling jersey and light jacket (71˚). Oh, I had shorts on too! I wore my new Waltz cap. I got a black, 4 panel wool cap last week. The wool is really soft and you can hand wash it (as opposed to dry clean). Unfortunately I missed their free embroidering by a couple of days, or I’d be sportin’ a DummyDiva cap instead.


5 thoughts on “Solo

  1. I don’t know what 71 degrees is in centigrade but I guess it’s not too cold. I often wonder where all the people are in the winter that get in the way of my ride in the summer

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